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Geo brakes Ltd is your one-stop destination for premium brake pads and brake rotors. We offer a wide range of brake pads, including Semi Metallic brake pads and Ceramic Brake Pads, designed to provide you with the stopping power you need. Our selection of brake rotors is equally impressive, featuring OEM Rotors, Coated Antirust Rotors, and Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors. Whether you are seeking durability, performance, or corrosion resistance, we have the perfect brake parts to ensure your vehicle stops safely and efficiently. Trust Geo brakes Ltd for top-notch quality and unmatched variety of brake pads and rotors in Canada and USA.


We are the best brake store in USA and Canada. We have got all your brake needs covered. From semi-metallic brake pads, ceramic brake pads, and ceramic brake shoes, to OEM rotors, coated antirust rotors, and coated cross-drilled and slotted rotors, we have a wide range of brake products to choose from. And if you need brake drums, we offer both OEM brake drums and coated brake drums.

But that's not all! We make your shopping experience easy with our extremely user-friendly website. It helps you select the correct parts for your vehicle, ensuring a 100% fitment guarantee. Plus, we offer free express shipping on orders over $99 across North America. This means not only can you find the right brake components effortlessly, but you can also get them quickly and without extra shipping costs. Discover why we stand as best place to buy brakes in Canada and USA.

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Welcome to Geobrakes, your trusted online destination for top-quality brake parts. At Geobrakes, we specialize in a wide range of braking solutions to ensure a safe and smooth ride for every journey. Our collection includes a variety of brake products designed to meet your specific needs. From Ceramic Brake Pads to Semi Metallic Brake Pads, we offer the latest in brake pad technology to enhance your vehicle's performance. Our OEM Series Brake Rotors and Coated Rotors are engineered for durability and superior braking power.

For those seeking enhanced performance, we provide Drilled and Slotted Rotors that offer better heat dissipation and braking efficiency. Additionally, our Antirust Rotors are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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